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Java with Spring Framework

The training is for those who are interested in programming and searching for an environment to learn Java programming…😊
• Course Duration : 25 + Class
*** This is a structure of schedule class…In the class there will be more topics and fun… Learning will be fun 😃***
1. Lecture 1
Java Basic (Orientation
• Motivation class
• History of Java
• Java Environment setup
• Basic syntax
• Define of variables
• Data Types

2. Lecture 2
• Operators
• Naming Convention
• Create Class and Object
• Define the structure of a Java class
• Create executable Java applications with a main method
3. Lecture 3
• “this” keyword
• Static keyword
o Java Method Declaration
o Method Overloading
• Assignment
4. Lecture 4
• Method Overriding
o Create different types of Constructors
o Constructor
o Java Modifiers
o Introducing primitives
• Assignment
5. Lecture 5
• Java If Else
• Java Switch
• Java For Loop
• Java While Loop
• Java Do While Loop
• Java Break
• Java Continue
6. Lecture 6
• Declare, instantiate, initialize and use a one-dimensional array
• Declare, instantiate, initialize and use multi-dimensional array
• Declare and use an Array List
• Assignment
7. Lecture 7
OOP Features
• Implement inheritance
• Types of Inheritance and its types
• Is A Relationship
• Has A Relationship

8. Lecture 8
• Abstract methods and classes
• Introduction to interfaces
• Abstract vs Interfaces
• Assignment
9. Lecture 9
• try, catch block
• throw and throws
• custom exceptions
• finally
• common exceptions
10. Lecture 10
• Types of threads
• Life cycle of threads
• Synchronization
• Dead locks
• Need of packages
• Create Packages
• Assignment
• Byte Stream and Character Stream
11. Lecture 11(MySql)
• Table Create
• Table delete
• Table update
• Queries etc
• Assignment
12. Lecture 12
• Introduction to Java Swing
• Introduction to GUI
o Concept of JDBC

13. Lecture 13
Data Insert into Database using Java Swing
Data Update into Database using Java Swing
Data Delete into Database using Java Swing
Data Display into Database using Java Swing

14. Lecture 14
Introduction to JSP
The Lifecycle of a JSP Page
Use of Bean Class
JSP Scripting elements
scriptlet tag
expression tag
declaration tag

15. Lecture 15
JSP CRUD Example and others

16. Lecture 16
JSTL (JSP Standard Tag Library)
JSTL Core Tags List

17. Lecture 17
18. Lecture 18
Introduction to Hibernate
Hibernate Architecture
Features of the Hibernate framework
Advantages of Hibernate Framework
Example of Hibernate

19. Lecture 19
Hibernate Query Language [HQL]
HQL Syntax
Criteria API
Parameter Binding in HQL
Named Query
Pagination in HQL

20. Lecture 20
• One to One Mapping
• One to Many Mapping
Connection Pooling
CRUD Example
21. Lecture 21
Introduction to Spring Framework
Advantage to Spring Framework
Architecture of Spring Framework
Net Beans Configuration
First Application
22. Lecture 22
Dependency Injection
IoC Container
Dependency Injection by Constructor Example
Constructor Injection with Dependent Object
Constructor Injection with Collection Example
Dependency Injection by setter method
Setter Injection with Collection Example
23. Lecture 23
Bean Scope
Bean Life Cycle
Bean Post Processor
Autowiring in Spring
24. Lecture 24
Spring AOP Concept
First Application
Wildcard and Point cut Expression
More Pointcut Expression
Joint Point and Advice
25. Lecture 25
Spring JdbcTemplate
JDBC Template More Methods
Named Parameter JDBC Template
DAO Support Classes
26. Lecture 26
Spring MVC
Create Application and Configure for Spring MVC
27. Lecture 27
Data Insert into Database using Spring MVC
Data Update into Database using Spring MVC
Data Delete from Database using Spring MVC
Data Display from Database using Spring MVC
28. Lecture 28
Introduction to Spring Web MVC
Data Insert into Database using Spring Web MVC
Data Update into Database using Spring Web MVC
Data Delete from Database using Spring MVC
Data Display from Database using Spring MVC

29. Lecture 29
Discuss With Final Project,Design and Implementation
30. Lecture 30
Project Finalization

Our Target :
1. Main target is to make each student affluent in Java.
2. To grow confidence among all learners.
3. To make them able to do project and make software.